Nomi Ruiz – ‘Borough Gypsy’ Mixtape Review + Download

Borough GypsyJessica 6’s lead vocalist Nomi Ruiz released her debut mixtape ‘Borough Gypsy‘ conceived during a two month residency at Alanna Heiss’ Clocktower Gallery, a legendary New York City alternative art space for exhibitions, performances, long-term and site-specific installations, and artist residencies. The tape takes a turn from the dance floor toe tappers we’re used to hearing from Ruiz, but instead embrace her sultry vocals over Golden Era Hip-Hop beats in vein of Mary J. Blige. Continue reading

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[WATCH] Jessica 6 Perform Live in NYC via Livestream

Jessica 6 live @ LPR

New York based Jessica 6 returns home after selling out shows across Europe to perform some of their cuts from their amazing album ‘See The Light’ plus a couple new cuts for Livestream which aired live in New York. Led by Nomi Ruiz they light up the stage with a sweet 45 minute set with choreography and a couple costume changes. You can stream the full show here

11 Indie (and International) Albums of 2011

2011 has been a great year musically for me, sure the Hot 100 was again saturated by the creme de la generic, but the under the radar stuff is where it really hits. Most of the records featured here have been released by bands who aren’t over saturated in American media, as we seen with my “Bands I’m Fucking With” series. Most of the bands featured in this article have been previously mentioned on the site before. Continue reading

Bands I’m Fucking With . . .

Kali, Lead Singer of Electro-House band Steed Lord

Starting at the top of this year I have probed the web for new bands to love, and I noticed three things I am a sucker for; A hot lead singer, great visuals and thriving beats. As a songwriter I needed to expand what I listen to for the simple fact I have become very stagnant with my writing and I don’t want all my records to sound exactly the same. So around January 12 I started my search and within minutes I was hit with some of the best music I have heard in years taking me through a genre shifting portal, from house to hip hop, nu-disco to hard metal. So I narrowed down to the most played bands on my iPod no specific number I’m just going until I’m tired (lol), a lot of these acts you may have heard of or maybe not but by the end of this you should know most of their names. Also let the record show, that I will not list major acts that are constantly on the radio in the United States because we all know of them and I for one am not really a big fan of all the corporate noise that we are forced to love.  Continue reading