Christopher DronerAb-Soul dropped a new song “Christopher DRONEr” last night. The track title is a play on the name of LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner who gain fame for his alleged shootings of fellow police officers and their families. The track speaks on the lack of enlightenment of the common citizen and how we believe everything we are told or I’m just looking too deep into the lyrics. Either way it’s a pretty damn good song and you can check it out below. Continue reading

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Kendrick Lamar “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” Official M/V

KLBDKMVI’m a couple days late, forgive me. Kendrick Lamar releases the video for his 4th single of the fan favorite (and my personal favorite) ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe‘ from his album “good kid, m.a.a.d city” The video follows Lamar and friends attending a funeral eventually turning  into a party. The video closes with the words ‘Death to Molly’ written on a black screen Continue reading

A$AP Rocky – “Wild For The Night” Official M/V

A$AP Rocky just dropped his dope new video for the Skrillex assisted “Wild For The Night” from his debut studio album “Long. Live. A$AP“. The video was shot in the Dominican Republic (Shoutout to all my Platanos!!!) with some of the illest fashion with scenes depicting street life in the DR. You can watch the video after the break. Continue reading

Why Kelis’ “Flesh Tone” Was The Best Record You Never Heard!


Drawing you in with the sharp blazing synths that open the album taking you to another galaxy that you didn’t know was the mind of Kelis Rogers, a simple glance into her life facing new challenges of divorce, finding her sound and home while being blessed with the gift and lesson that is motherhood.  Crying out her fears of failure and addiction to something that isn’t good for her while she leaves the reality of her mind, envisioning the 22nd Century where the world like present time is currently dancing while encouraging us all we are stars so to make us care about of selfishness and our own personal vain. We’re escaping the harsh reality we face and how we just never want to go back to our misery and redundancy. We then find our escape our feeling and guide to being complete making our feelings expand through our spirit and body enwrapping us in a semi religious state, knowing that this moment, for this moment nothing will be greater than this. It is such a state of euphoria that we feel that it’s this simple for which we live for there is nothing greater. We feel like a day of celebration that we should celebrate every moment of this, but every day. Nothing is greater than feeling alive and enjoying every minute without worrying or caring about the negative things in life. Continue reading

[Album Review] A$AP Rocky “Long Live A$AP”

ASAP-rocky-long-live-asapInitially I was hesitant on listening to A$AP Rocky for a long time, being that the persona I got from him based on my peers was he was a transparent as most popular rappers who get their popularity mostly through online praise. That and the fact most of my peers are hypebeast and tend to only go with the flow which in the last decade the flow was 90% trash. But A$AP was different, sure he isn’t doing much innovation musically but he built a persona larger than anything I’ve yet to see, so my hesitation for his debut turned into slight excitement to see how this persona translates into musically.

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I know this site is seriously lacking some Hip-Hop and it’s because I’ve been a bit snobbish when it came to commercial Hip-Hop. However I’ve been feeling Wiz‘s material lately and at any given moment you can catch me getting ratchet to 2 Chainz while riding down State Road 50 screaming ‘FUCK OPD’. So you can imagine how I was boppin’ when I 1st heard this collab earlier this year and now with the video filled with nothing but some of the flyest gear, because let’s face it when you’re signed to G.O.O.D Music or Closely associated with them you’re already bound to have some fashion that will have your fans wondering where you got it. Wiz’s new album ‘O.N.I.F.C (Only Niggas In First Class)‘ is slated for a December 4 release, while 2 Chainz debut ‘Based on a T.R.U. Story‘ is out now. Continue reading