Spike Lee Explains Reasons Behind Kickstarter on The Breakfast Club


Legendary Film Director Spike Lee has bee receiving a lot of flack for starting a Kickstarter account to fund an upcoming film. On Monday he went on New York’s popular radio show The Breakfast Club to explain the reasons why he started the campaign, the possible plot for the film and the history of his films and how it relates to the reasons why he decided to go into Kickstarter for the film. Continue reading

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My Life Online: Space Barbie



VICE has been a personal favorite of mine when it comes to compelling, yet obscure documentaries I’ve been watching for years on YouTube and the company’s website. My Life Online is a series focused specifically on subjects that make waves across the web, albeit you’ve probably haven’t heard of some of the subjects prior to watching. In this particular doc VICE follows Valeria Lukyanova, or as most of the Tumblrverse knows her as Amatue. She gained fame over the last couple of years due to her Barbie Doll looks and believes that she is an alien from Pleiades, which gave the Ukrainian beauty the title of Space Barbie.  In the documentary she goes into details about why she chooses the way she looks and the impact of the media and the Internet on her. Continue reading

The Future of Wearable Technology | Off Book | PBS

As computing moves from our desktops to our phones, we look into the future to see how technology will become increasingly ingrained in our movements and our active lives. From the Nike Fuelband to Google Glass, consumers are already seeing hints of the future of wearable devices. They have the possibility to make us more knowledgeable about ourselves and our surroundings, and connect us with each other in an uninterrupted, more intimate way. From DIY wearables to high-tech sensors and smart fabrics, the years ahead will show how integrated technology can impact our lives for the better.

via PBS Off The Book

Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators

Daft Punk are gearing up to release their new album Random Access Memories in promotions  for the album the band has teamed up with The Creators Project and Intel for a mini web series “The Collaborators” the series features interviews with artist who’ve worked on the new album such as Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers, Todd Edwards and Pharrell Williams. Rodgers and Williams assist the bands lead single “Get Lucky” and appeared in an advert that aired on SNL in promotions for the single.


Global Street Art – Libya – Art In The Streets – MOCAtv

In this video, students of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tripoli, Libya join street artists and professors to participate in a massive mural that spans the walls across from one of Muammar Gaddafi’s former compounds. The structures of a force that once terrified and oppressed the Libyan people are now reduced to rubble; on the other side of the road, artists paint images of hope, peace and unity. Street art – and any form of creative expression – was unthinkable during Gaddafi’s rule, and it’s uplifting to watch these artists repossess their city’s walls with artistic expression.

Filmed in Tripoli by Osama Al Fitory. Music by Modus and Beta Music for MOCAtv. Featuring the works of Taha El Aga, Asmaa El Sewesy, Ayman El Jehani , Rayan El Azzaby and many others. Produced by Soraya Morayef

via MOCAtv

Justin Timberlake – “Mirrors” Official M/V

Following up from ‘Suit + Tie‘, Justin Timberlake releases the video for his 2nd single “Mirrors” from his 3rd album “The 20/20 Experience“. During the 1st half of the song, the video features Timberlake’s Grandparents telling their love story on how they met, while the second half takes a more literal meaning showing the crooner in a room full of mirrors with beautiful dancers as his reflection, you can check the video after the jump. Continue reading

[Fashion Film]Bon Qui Qui x Alexander Wang Spring 2013

Bon Qui Qui

Former MADtv star Anjelah Johnson reprises her famous alter ego Bon Qui Qui for Alexander Wang’s T Spring 2013 ad which features hilarious encounters of Bon Qui Qui’s job at Wang’s NYC store. The film features A$AP Rocky,Alessandra Ambrosia, Simon Doonan, Natasha Lyonne and Shannon Click. View The film after the break Continue reading

[Watch]H+ The Digital Series Season 1

A good friend of mine put me onto this show a couple months back when we eventually ended up watching it for a couple hours, due to the show being aired in 2-6 minute increments which results into cliffhangers leaving you wanting more, seriously we were like “One more and then we’re leaving” for about two hours. The premise details a not so distant future where 1/3 of the worlds population is implanted with a chip (RFID anyone?) called the H+ Nano which is basically all your technological needs as seen through your eyes, the technology was initially used to improve the health system, but eventually proves otherwise. The series flashes to different points before, after and during a virus that kills most people with the implant. The 1st season is highly intense and in ways looks like what our future may possibly be. Watch the entire 1st season above and be sure to look out for the 2nd season which is believed to come this fall.


[FILM] Jonathan Mannion REƧƎƎИ: A Transformation Of Visualisations – The Film

REƧƎƎИ is a journey that brought together 8 creative talents from different artistic fields for an interdisciplinary exchange at MADE. This film documents the entire REƧƎƎИ creative process, beginning in Jonathan Mannion’s NYC studio, where he presents the idea, then over to Berlin, stopping at the different artists’ studios and workplaces, giving a glimpse of their own creative processes, and finally to MADE, where the pieces were present and reveled for the first time.