McBess x Kid Robot “Le Dead Plastique”

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Le Dead Plastique Another dope Dunny collectable from Kid Robot this time in collaboration with French Artist McBess. Showing a post Rock n Roll design available May 9th in 20 inch and 3 inch models with tattoos, a beard and a couple of X’s at the back of his head. Unfortunately the model is in limited quantity (300 to exact) and the 20 inch models are starting at $399.99, it’s still an impressive piece to have in your collection. Read more here

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Global Street Art – Libya – Art In The Streets – MOCAtv

In this video, students of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tripoli, Libya join street artists and professors to participate in a massive mural that spans the walls across from one of Muammar Gaddafi’s former compounds. The structures of a force that once terrified and oppressed the Libyan people are now reduced to rubble; on the other side of the road, artists paint images of hope, peace and unity. Street art – and any form of creative expression – was unthinkable during Gaddafi’s rule, and it’s uplifting to watch these artists repossess their city’s walls with artistic expression.

Filmed in Tripoli by Osama Al Fitory. Music by Modus and Beta Music for MOCAtv. Featuring the works of Taha El Aga, Asmaa El Sewesy, Ayman El Jehani , Rayan El Azzaby and many others. Produced by Soraya Morayef

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Meet: Omarion

For about 3 years I’ve been calling this kid Little Petrø because his style in this photoshoot (primarily the top pic) reminded my friends and, eventually myself, of me he was also the inspiration behind the site’s logo. It all started on Tumblr back in August of 2009 when Terry reblogged this pictured and prompted the question “Yo Petro is that you?” and he then egged me on to make this kid the cover of a yet to be released record of mine, I made about 10 covers. However I never released them for the simple fact I didn’t know who the photographer, let alone the kid pictured, until today. On Tumblr I saw this kid in the corner and freaked, reblogged and started digging up facts. Turns out the kid is named Omarion and he’s been photographed numerous of times by photographer Paul Octavious  and there was an entire shoot starring him. All photo credits got to Paul Octavious I OWN NOTHING!  after the jump view the photoshoot. Continue reading

Art : I Wish You Would & Dotun x Toyin Odutola

Talented young Artist by the name of Toyin Odutola popped up on my Tumblr Dash with her pieces I Wish You Would & Dotun and I was instantly impressed so I had to do a small feature over here (would be longer but I gotta go to work early). But these two 20 x 30 pieces feature incredible detail done in Pen and Acrylic featuring black figures in what seems to be self portraits of the artist (a hypothesis) . After jump checkout more detailed looks of these pieces all credits go to the Artist. Continue reading


My favorite band Steed Lord finally released the video to Bed Of Needles aka my favorite song off Heart II Heart. Mixing the Synadaesia remix with the original they’ve created a visual master piece staring the beautiful Kali in several bridal inspired pieces mixes haute couture and blood that’ll make Gaga look like child’s play. after jump check out the visual master piece

Heart II Heart (Limited Edition) featuring the video version is available here Continue reading

The Making Of Kidrobot For Swatch Stop-Motion Animations

I’m a huge fan of Kid Robot’s Vinyl Toy series Munny and it’s counter parts (Dunny,Raffy,Foomi, Kracka, Bub,Trikky and Rooz) so I was excited to hear about their collab with Swatch on a series of dope watches. To help promote the brand they released a series of stop-motion art featuring the vinyl toys mirroring the watches design. Take a look behind the scenes and a preview of the short films after the jump.

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윤두진_조각 (YOON DU-JIN), Protecting Body Suit series


Protecting body suit series called human body is represented using the classic theme to mask some or all of the mechanical restraints, such as if wrapped in the form of armor protection (suit) Proficient in the hyeongtaera. The departure of these forms of human mentality, thinking, imagination, desire eseona present with a variety of useful types referred Proficient appearance. It’s human beings with finite hamgwa loss, destruction worries about the hamgwa for the future, uncertain state of the current at the time to reproduce any powerful that you (or others), the appearance of freely changing the play and interchangeable way through the changes suitable for a situation in which many different aspects of their appearance and want to have real non-human desire to want to express. So, casting, silicone mold, and using techniques to assemble and can be reconfigured to be capable of mass destruction clone highly robust than in the plaster and modern industrial San mulin plastics and in permanence and rigidity due to metal materials found in the human body to expand explore the various possibilities and the ideal human relationship with the scale and plastic surfaces such as concrete castle hidden in the bark overvalued by shaping their own true identity of modern humans who wish to pursue another big thank you to visualize the situation and wanted to twofold.  Continue reading