Music: Lady Gaga “Born This Way : Remix Project”

  So in my spare time I like to play DJ and make mixes of some  of my favorite artist remixes, so I decided to compile remixes of arguably the biggest album of the year featuring fan and official remixes of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album cuts. I’ve previously did one for The Fame Monster earlier this year. I also designed the cover. Preview and Download the mix after the jump Continue reading

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WeSC Fall 2011 + The Superlative Union Video

WeSC is about good people doing great things together – bringing together people who’s all out living life, doing what they do best and doing it well. It’s about uniting. Them. You. Us. Let us present: The Superlative Union.

The Superlative Union is a celebration of people, of all things good, about being creative and enjoying yourself. Looking good, feeling good, achieving better things together. Life is what you make of it, and it rarely gets better than this – it’s about the company you keep! Welcome to WeSC Fall 2011: The Superlative Union.

Featuring WeActivists Signe Siemsen, Benny Fairfax, Jason Lee, Mercedes Helnwein, Chris Pastras, Darrell Mathes, Sage Vaughn, Shelly Zander, Clint Peterson, Kim Matulova, Yone, Stash, Beth Riesgraf, Cooper Wilt, Amy Gunther, Tony Manfre, The Lady Tigra, Steed Lord, Nicole LeMoine and Fatsarazzi.View pics and video after the jump Continue reading

[ARTBEAT]Lady Gaga Series x Adan Garcia

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Digital artist Adan Garcia better known by his Deviant Art name Epsthian-Artist released a stunning collection of Lady Gaga inspired Art featuring his interpretations of Gaga’s famous looks from her Bad Romance video, to her red carpet appearance you can buy prints of his work off his Deviant Art page.

A Little humor . . .

I love watching these fictionalized Stan Wars type videos they always leave me cracking up,the funniest part is when Maya Angelou (Voiced by Darcell) when she tries to unite the ladies after an argument, then is abruptly interrupted by Aretha Franklin sending Ms. Angelou into a hilarious roast session. more post coming soon too I am very busy but I will post more on the hommeBOYlife very soon.